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Serpente Candle

Frangipani with a lemongrass twist fragrance

We found that our Macchia su Macchia glass collection could not be completed without some colorful and precious scented candles. That’s the reason why we chose 100% cotton wicks and the best italian vegetable wax - with extremely low soot emissions during burning - to create these 6 different candles. At the end (they last around 100 hours!) the glass can be used as a vase or pen holder on your desk.


The glass technique: the chromatic motifs of the collection are obtained by repeating multiple fusions of colored glass powders and flakes. Through this procedure, the glass flakes melt one on the other, giving life to unique patterns, always different from each other. Up to 5 different layers are needed to achieve the rich, soft and dense texture of this collection. Each piece is mouth-blowed in Murano island -Venice – by an expert Maestro.


SIZE: Height 4in/ Diameter 3.5 in - MATERIAL: Murano Glass/ Vegetable wax - MANUFACTURING PROCESS: Mouth-blowing and hand-finishing