Oh Mon Dieu! No.69 3-wick Candle

Paris, 1969. It was a time of artistic and sexual revolution. The air was bohemian - raw, wild, playful, and undeniably sexy - in a way the world had never experienced before. Glamour was ageless and effortless, and women were as bold as their lipstick color, flaunting their freedom, style, and powers of seduction. Oh Mon Dieu!

We travel to escape the ordinary. And of the many impressions we take away from our journeys, it is the sense of smell that leaves the greatest impact on our memory. Scents hold the power to transport us immediately to a place in time, to recapture a mood...or even to entice us with sensual hints of adventures yet to come. L‰۪Objet presents a collection of aromatic expressions created from natural oils and essences, blended and poured by hand. Experience Parfums de Voyage. The essence of discovery.


SIZE: 4.75 D x 5.5 H in - 35oz

Limoges Porcelain

Brass Lid

Paraffin wax with 3 wicks

Burn Time: 300+ Hours


Top: Cognac, Caramel, Coriander, Pimento

Heart: Rose, Jasmine, Plum, Black currant

Base: Leather, Incense, Oakmoss