Imperial 144-Piece Flatware Chest For 12 people

Flatware storage chest. The drawers are wrapped in suede and a brown anti-tarnish cloth that protects the silverware from oxidation. This chest is designed to hold 144 pieces of flatware. Wood fiber chest covered with taupe paper and drawers wrapped in fabric. This storage can contain: 12 Coffee spoons or teaspoons 12 Table knives or standard knives 12 Table spoons 12 Table forks 12 Dessert spoons 12 Dessert forks 12 Dessert knives 12 Fish forks 12 Fish knives 12 Cake forks 1 Salad serving spoon 1 Salad serving fork 1 Gravy ladle 1 Cheese knife 12 Espresso spoons 1 Cake multi cutting server 1 Serving spoon 1 Serving fork 1 Carving knife 1 Carving fork 1 Fish serving knife 1 Fish serving fork 1 Soup Ladle