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Mini Leather Ornaments: Holiday Cheer

Introducing our delightful Holiday Cheer Ornaments, a charming collection that combines the love for literature and the art of mixology. Each ornament is a miniature representation of a classic book, featuring drinks like rose, champagne, bubbly, and martinis, which play a central role in these captivating stories.

These mini drinking book ornaments are the perfect addition to your holiday decor or year-round display, bringing a touch of literary and cocktail sophistication to any setting. Embrace the spirit of celebration and indulge in the literary world while toasting to the characters' adventures with your favorite libations. Whether you're a bookworm, a cocktail enthusiast, or looking for a unique gift, our Holiday Cheer Ornaments are a delightful choice that will add whimsy and elegance to your festivities. Cheers to literary charm and cheers to good taste!


  • Bound by hand in bonded leather

  • Sold as set of 4

  • Size: 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" (individual book)

  • All books are lined with no text