Rina Menardi

Ceramic Bottle - Shaded Water

Rina Menardi is a world renowned ceramic artist based in Italy. Her stoneware collection is completely handmade and is characterized by simple lines, organic colours and shapes inspired by nature. The surface and finishing is realized using ancient techniques that date back to the origins of ceramics. Stoneware made in Italy.

  • Small Bottle - D4.3" x H18.5"
  • Medium Bottle - D4.75" x H21.75"
  • Large Bottle - D5.5" x H25.6"
  • Extra Large Bottle - D5.9" x H29.5"


Small: H18" x D4.5" - Medium: H21.6" x D4.7" - Large: H25" x D5.5" - Extra Large: H29.5 x D6"