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PyroPet Dyri Reindeer Skeleton Candle - Pine Green

"Dyri" is a short for "hreindýr", which means "reindeer" in Icelandic. But it also means "beast". - Unleash the beast! Burn down this cute reindeer candle to find a haunting metallic skeleton within. The Dyri reindeer skeleton candle is a must-have for lovers of unique homeware with a ghoulish twist. A wonderful Halloween and Christmas decor option!


Dimensions of the Dyri™ candle: 5.1 x 8.7 x 3.9 Inches 

• Burning time: Approximately 8 hours

 • Materials: Paraffin wax, cotton wick and aluminium

 • Scent: This candle is unscented

 • Packaging: Comes in a beautifully designed eco-friendly gift box 

• Certified to meet US and EU candle safety standards