Mykonos Muse - Travel From Home Candle

Journey to Mykonos with the Mykonos Muse Travel from Home Candle. A magically seductive fragrance of cyclamen, - sweet, spicy - herbaceous scents, are as immersive as the Aegean Sea. Familiar notes of almond, green fig and natural aromas of tonka bean conjure a striking vista of scent transporting you to the white-and-blue island in the blink of an eye. Housed in a ceramic vessel, the candle features the same iconic serigraphy of symbol seen on the coordinating Mykonos Muse book. 


  • Ceramic vessel

  • Serigraphy of symbol

  • Wax: blend of soy and paraffin

  • Burning time: 50 hours

  • Weight: 319 grams of wax

  • Candle Dimensions: 4 x 3.37 in (height x diameter)