Paperpulp Paper Mache Vase

Moniek Vanden Berghe is an authority in the field of decorative flower art Her love for nature and our living environment are the basis of her last Recircled and Recycle collections. Seemingly worthless disposable material such as cardboard and rubber become new and timeless objects in Moniek’s hands. By experimenting with and reusing paper, this Dutch Designer has created her own material with a typical characteristic look. The search for the ideal material has been translated into
the PaperPulp collection for Serax. The vases made from the paper pulp she created are ideal for flowers and plants. Not only are they strong and waterproof, they also give the paper a new purpose. Several editions have already been created. The original ‘naturel’ colours have been submerged in a bath of bright green, white and black. PaperPulp, a special object and a strong statement against our consumer society.


Diameter: 25cm

Height: 17cm