Baobab Collection

Manou, Max 10

Manou and Tsiva created the Mikea school in September 2015. Manou is a young and edu- cated woman from the high plateaus, and daughter of two Malagasy intellectuals. Tsiva is a Mikea warrior who still lives in the forest in the ancestral tradition. They met in Antanana- rivo during Tsiva’s meeting with Malagasy politicians as a Mikea representative with Jean- Claude Vinson. Manou and Tsiva wed, and she taught him how to read and write as he continues to teach her about the ancient knowledge of plants and their medicinal qualities.

The Manou candle is covered in natural raffia with small black insertions that resemble seeds. This open motif brings a touch of transparency whilst staying true to the collection’s tribal aesthetic. The two sculpted small black horns reference the warrior traditions that the candle was inspired by.

Its scent contains notes of vetiver and ylang ylang, a fresh combination that will take you to the heart of the Mikea land that once went all the way to the canals of Mozambique.


  • Dimensions:

    Length: 3.5"

    Width: 3.5"

    Height: 4"

  • Scents: Mint Leaves, Vetiver Roots, Ylang Ylang

  • Burn Time: 60 Hours