Create a Registry
Create a Registry
Create a Registry
For over a decade I have had the privilege of working with couples to create their dream wedding - the first big step they take to declare to friends and family who they are as a couple. The next big step is establishing their new home together. Just like your wedding, your registry should be a personal reflection of how you live and dine and entertain. We have designed a registry experience that is just as fun as planning the perfect details of your wedding. It is very different from what you would expect because just like weddings, we have set out to transform registry from a cookie-cutter checklist into a custom collection of beautiful and practical items selected specifically for your very own lifestyle.
Jung on Registry
A new kind of registry for a smart and stylish home

Mix and match. Beautiful and practical.
Use it every day and keep it forever. Register for real life.


As an event planner, the idea for an inspired and exciting registry came to Jung after years of listening to her own bridal clients complain about the lackluster options: a cookie-cutter approach, with little imagination and no personalized service. Just a checklist of items, regardless of where or how they lived. At Jung Lee NY, we make the process exciting again! We experiment with a variety of tabletop settings and design vignettes, taking into consideration what you already own, what you will inherit, and what you plan to add in the future. 

Registry for your lifestyle

Your registry should be customized for you — how you live, your personal style, your passions and your interests. This how you dine every night, how you like to entertain, and the food and beverages you love to enjoy. With this in mind, we will work with you to build a registry that truly reflects your lifestyle.

Mixing & Matching: The modern way of living

Just like fashion — few of us dress head-to-toe in a single designer — great home design today mixes and matches brands, price points, patterns and colors. Rather than register for one brand's entire assortment, we assist with composing a cohesive collection of everything you love, where all items work together. We even encourage you to bring in what you currently own so we can incorporate it into your new selection. We’ll show you beautiful products and the many ways you can use them beyond their intended purpose. This way, everything on your registry will have greater value for you.

Passionate designers, not salespeople

We have an incredible team of designers, not salespeople! They are passionate about our philosophy and will guide you through every registry item. 

The finest collection of products

Jung has travelled the world for the most beautiful products that are practical for everyday use, but meaningful enough to pass down for generations. Once you've visited our store, we promise that you will never look at home décor in the same way again. Start your registry now, or make an appointment today!