Tom Dixon

Form 6 Piece Tea Set

Tom Dixon's Form Tea Set redefines modern elegance in polished brass and sharply defined shapes for formal entertainment. The set contains the Form Teapot, Form Jug, Form Milk Jug, Form Sugar Dish & Spoon and the Form Square Tray. Created from brass, each piece is polished and then dipped in a warm gold wash for a subtle matte surface. The Teapot and Jug handles are wrapped in black leather strapping which contrasts both the material and shape of its companion vessel. The Eclectic logo is etched on the base of each Form component.


  • Dimensions:

    Form Tea Pot: 9.8" W X 5.7" D X 5.3" H

    Form Jug: 5.7" W X 3.5" D X 10" H

    Form Milk Jug: 3" W X 3" D X 3.5" H

    Form Dish & Spoon: 4.3" W X 4.3" D X 2.4" H

    Form Tea Caddy: 3.3" W X 3.3" D X 4.9" H

    Form Square Tray: 19.3" W X 17.3" D X 1.1" H

  • Materials: Welded brass sheet