Babou Candle 16
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Babou Candle 16

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Baobab Collection

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Jung's Notes
The Babou candle, written as “Baboho” in Malagasy, is an ode to the root that has allowed the Mikea people to survive in such a dry forest due to its capacity to store large amounts of water and sugar. The tribe keeps its location a secret. The candle’s multicolored tree motif is a celebration of life, of joy, and of the Malagasy arti- sans’ incredible mastery of color. Decked out in pom poms, the Babou candle takes you to the decadence of a summer‘s day by the beach with its ylang ylang and salt flower scent. Limited Edition.
  • Dimensions:
    Length: 6"
    Width: 6"
    Height: 6.3"
  • Scents: Ylang Ylang, Salt Flower, Orchid
  • Burn Time: 150 Hours
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